Friday 16th, 6pm

Poetry Evening: Join us for an evening of poetry hosted by Richard Langston (proud member of the three-person South Wellington Poetry Society) and Michael Fitzsimons (another proud member of the three-person South Wellington Poetry Society), who will be reading from their respective tomes, Five O'Clock Shadows and Michael, I Thought You Were Dead (both The Cuba Press).


Richard is a director of Country Calendar and many of his poems have a rural setting - there's one on long drops and their views - but all are thoughtful, reflective and deal with what it means to be living here now. One of the poems in the collection has been selected by editor David Eggleton for Best NZ Poems 2020.


When Michael gets the cancer diagnosis no-one wants, he discovers that while his life might feel like a shipwreck, there’s a lifeboat waiting to take him away to a new place. His reflections are infused with living and the spirit of being alive. 


We are hoping the third member of the three-person South Wellington Poetry Society will be in attendance.





Friday 30th, 6pm


Author Talk: Join us to hear Susanna Gendall discussing her novel The Disinvent Movement (VUP, 2021). This short history of the Movement is told by its creator as she looks back on her life in New Zealand, France, Switzerland and other countries. Intertwined with the movement are her efforts to find a way ‘inside’ – an entry point to the system in which so many others seem to be living happily. But once you’re in, what if you want to escape?

The Disinvent Movement is a brilliantly original and poignant first novel, both elliptical and direct, about how we dismantle and remake our stories – and re-cast the people who occupy the most important roles in our lives – in hopes of finding sanctuary.